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Setting the manager research standard since 1995

Since 1995 we have collected, analysed and processed investment manager performance, fees and capabilities into knowledge for investors.

Our team of analysts, investment professionals and IT specialists have built a manager research resource of unrivalled depth and quality. We use this data to provide insights to wealth advisers, private clients, charities and their investment managers.

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ARC Research doesn't run or manage money; we do what we say and mean what we say; we like new ideas; we like learning, analysing, informing and data. Lots of data.

Suggestus was lauched in 2011 to meet the needs of professional wealth advisers and their clients, who make use of discretionary investment managers. In partnership with the investment management community, we are striving to address the issues of transparency in the industry.

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Thanks to the willingness of participating discretionary investment managers to provide transparency on the performance of their private client and charity portfolios, the ARC Private Client…

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In this article we examine the responses that we have seen by discretionary investment managers and their clients to the challenge of climate change and we suggest a simple investor response…

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Whether browsing the financial press, reviewing proposals from discretionary investment managers or comparing fund factsheets, it seems that all managers are able to make the claim that their…

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The last few years have caused many investors to reconsider their assumptions as to how financial markets behave and what the best investment strategy might be to maximise risk-adjusted…