How is my investment manager performing against its peers?

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The four PCI performance series are based on real performance numbers provided by participating investment managers.

The PCI provide an accurate reflection of the actual returns that a private client should expect for a given risk appetite. This approach leaves investment managers free to use any and all investment strategies, vehicles and structures in the pursuit of the maximum return per unit of realised volatility.

Performance Reporting

For £25, you can securely enter your data and receive a report within seconds that tells you if your performance has been good, bad or indifferent compared to an appropriate peer group.

Generate a comprehensive performance report based on your portfolio compared to thousands of professionally managed portfolios from over 100 investment management firms. From the information you give us, we will work out the appropriate risk profile for the portfolio.

Risk means many things but in this case, we are looking at the volatility, or how much the value of a portfolio fluctuates over time. This measure is essential in making sure you are comparing your portfolio with the right peer group.


You can use the QuickCheck tool to get an indication of how your portfolio performance or investment fees are doing versus our peer group indices

You can use QuickCheck on this website or via our app.

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Class-leading commentary

Read our regular commentaries on industry trends, based on our unique data.

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