Who is a suitable investment manager for my client portfolios?

Suggestus has the answer

A suite of tools designed to inform your investment manager selection decisions

Suggestus enables the creation of a structured research process for the selection and review of private client discretionary investment managers.

  • Client Risk and ESG profiling
  • Manager selection tool
  • Comprehensive reporting
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Access 100+ investment manager Due Diligence Questionnaires, designed to save you time and help you meet your regulatory requirements.

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Find out how the private investment management industry is performing, on a risk-return basis, using industry-leading ARC Private Client Indices.

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Engage with investment managers using the Request for Proposal tool.

Wealth Adviser FAQs

Why can't I access the investment manager information?

Do the Private Client Indices and Charity Indices include the investment manager's charges?

Can you tell me the asset allocation of the PCI or ACI?

Why can't I see individual investment manager's performance numbers? Can you give them to me?

What do all of these acronyms mean?

Performance reporting and peer review data that's an invaluable part of your investment strategy

We collect and analyse data on hundreds of thousands of real portfolios from investment managers who truly embrace transparency.

  • Investor Risk Profiling
  • Investment Manager Research
  • Portfolio Performance Reporting

The Suggestus Manager Matrix

What is the manager matrix?

As part of the paid for, Suggestus Premium subscription, the manager matrix provides a comprehensive, clear and robust platform for your advisers to make smart decisions.

 Download matrix flyer

Why Use the Manager Matrix?

  • Access to ARC Research proprietary manager scoring
  • Insights into your preferred DFMs in easy to access format
  • Regular updates and commentary from our Manager Selection team

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