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Want to know how a client’s portfolio has performed? Give us the data via our secure platform and we'll give you the answers.

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We collect and analyse data on hundreds of actual portfolios managed on behalf of charities and share the results to help you understand if you are getting the best out of your capital.

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November 2021 Estimates

Volatility returned to markets in November as news of a new Covid variant of concern, Omicron, caused markets to react to the prospect of a return to pandemic restrictions. Concerns about persistent inflation continued, reflected in falling bond yields and the UK issuing a 50 year inflation linked bond at a record low yield. US Dollar strength provided a tailwind for non-US investors with US exposure and as a result broadly flat returns are expected for November in all risk categories and currencies except US Dollar and Swiss Franc.

Watch the Q3 2021 Commentary

ARC Group Managing Director, Graham Harrison talks through the November commentary - "Bubble, Bubble Inflation Trouble". Are equity markets in a bubble? How should investors be mitigating the risks of inflation? Watch to find out more or download the full article here.

Bubble Bubble Inflation Trouble

Performance for most private client investors thus far in 2021, despite the pull-back in equity markets that began in September, has been ahead of long-term averages. However, the backdrop has been one of increasing nervousness over earnings growth forecasts and equity market valuations. Throw in a negative return from bond markets year-to-date reflecting concerns over rising inflation and, with apologies to the three witches on the heath, the mood of many investors might be summed up as “bubble, bubble, inflation trouble”.

Citywealth Fintech Vendor of the Year 2021

The Suggestus platform has been awarded the Citywealth Fintech Vendor Gold Award 2021.