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FEB 2023

Watch - Latest commentary

Graham Harrison talks through our commentary "Throwing Caution to the Wind". We consider how the performance of a typical private client portfolios in 2022 has compared to that…

AUG 2022

Watch - Q2 commentary

Watch Graham Harrison, Chairman of the ARC Group talk through our Q2 commentary where we consider the benefits of diversification versus more concentrated portfolios. 

MAY 2022

Watch our Q1 Commentary

With inflation escalating and nominal interest rates starting to rise, are we seeing the end of easy money? Graham Harrison, Managing Director of the ARC Group talks through our latest…

FEB 2022

Watch the Q4 2021 Commentary

ARC Group Managing Director talks through the January commentary - "Noise - Cacophony or Symphony?"

There is no doubt that there is a great deal of "noise"…

NOV 2021

Watch the Q3 2021 Commentary

ARC Group Managing Director, Graham Harrison talks through the November commentary - "Bubble, Bubble Inflation Trouble". Are equity markets in a bubble? How should investors be…

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